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Wish Upon a Star
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A younger sister wishes to switch places with her popular older sister and the two bickering siblings awaken to find the wish has come true. (source: imdb.com)


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Alexia Wheaton

Hayley Wheaton

Kyle Harding

Scott Wilkinson
Ben Wheaton

Nan Wheaton


Ivey Lloyd
Caitlin Sheinbaum

Matt Barker


Kari Petersen

January Sorensen

Mr. Frauenfleder

Mark Hofeling
Mr. Watson

Trevor Black

Emily Klindt
Senior Class President

Andy West
Panicked Boy

Trent Rockwood
Boy #1

Richard Grove
Fan #1

Josh James
Senior Boy

Charles Metten
Interview Man


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List of Wish Upon a Star quotes.

Alexia: (in Hayley's body) So is there anything else I should know about you? Other than that you're a grungy, social outcast?
Hayley: (in Alexia's body) I'm not grungy. I just have my own style.
Alexia: Oh, dirt under the fingernails is in? You won't mind if I remove it, will you?

Alexia: (Hayley as Alexia) Man oh, man. It worked.
Hayley: (Alexia as Hayley) What-what worked?
Alexia: I uh...
Hayley: You did this?
Alexia: I made a wish when-when I saw a shooting star.
Hayley: You made a wish to be me?
Alexia: I didn't think it would work.
(touches her boobs)
Hayley: (slaps her hand away from her chest) Ewwwww! I don't like it in here!
(pushes Alexia against the bathroom door)
Hayley: Wish us back!
Alexia: (pushes her against the opposite wall) I don't think that's possible, *Hayley*.
Hayley: I think it is! *Hayley*! Do it now!
Alexia: I can't!
Alexia: It's daytime.
Hayley: Well, I have a lot of personal things I have to deal with today, and we are not leaving this house until everything is back in order. I'll handle this.
(makes a dramatic exit)
Alexia: (looks in the mirror) Me? I'm Alexia. Alexia Wheaton.
(squeals and jumps up in excitement)

Caitlin Sheinbaum: I never said an open party, my parents will slaughter me.
Sabrina: Well it's a small price to pay when you consider what it'll do for your social life.
Alexia Wheaton: Caitlin didn't you say you neeeded to talk to Hayley?
Hayley Wheaton: Yeah, Caitlin can I talk to you for a minute?
Alexia Wheaton: Let me get this straight, she invited you for dinner and you proceeded to include the rest of the student body?
Sabrina: Pretty crafty, huh?
Alexia Wheaton: What makes you think you can treat people like this?
Talley: We learned it from you. Remember our motto, "Act Superior, our number one rule?"
Alexia Wheaton: Don't you guys ever get tired of acting like snobs?
Kazumi: Alex, we're seniors. We're supposed to live it up, we have parties, we use little weaklings like Caitlin.
Alexia Wheaton: If you think it's acceptable to treat a kind and generous person like Caitlin, like that, we have no business being friends.
Talley: Well then who else are you going to hang out with for the rest of the year?
Alexia Wheaton: Who cares?
Sabrina: O.K. O.K. It's canceled.
Kazumi: We'll party at The Pointe instead.
Alexia Wheaton: Good, now apologize to Caitlin.
Kazumi: She's a sophomore, what do you expect from us?
Alexia Wheaton: Nothing, a decent gesture would be far too dignified for the three of you.
Sabrina: You know, you looked hideous in the newspaper.
Kazumi: See if we vote for you for queen?
Talley: Guys, we already did.


Trailer for the movie Wish Upon a Star.
Wish Upon a Star (1996) - Official Movie Trailer

TaglineI Wish I May, I Wish I Might, Become My Sister For A Night!
GenreFantasy, Family, Comedy
Filming LocationsWest Valley City, Utah, USA
Sound MixUltra Stereo
Film TypeFeature
Film ClassFantasy Comedy, Children's Fantasy
Niche GenreChildren's/Family
MoodFantastic Reality
ThemesTrading Bodies, Wishes Come True
TonesHumorous, Light, Fanciful

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