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Waiting... is a 2005 American independent film starring Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, and Anna Faris. It was written and directed by Rob McKittrick. McKittrick wrote the screenplay while working as a waiter. The film is the first effort by McKittrick as a writer–director.

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The film focuses on several characters. One of the main protagonists, Dean (Justin Long), has been a waiter for four years since graduating from high school, and hasn't earned a degree during his four years at a community college. When Dean learns from his mother (Monica) that a former high school classmate, Chett (Travis Resor), now has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, he begins to rethink his direction-less life. Dean's lecherous friend and co-worker, Monty (Ryan Reynolds), is in exactly the same situation, but has accepted that his future lies with the restaurant, Shenaniganz. Monty is put in charge of training Mitch (John Francis Daley), a newly hired waiter who is constantly interrupted throughout most of the film. Also working with Dean is Calvin (Robert Patrick Benedict), a hopeless romantic who cannot hang onto a relationship, and Dan (David Koechner), the uptight manager who is grooming Dean as his protégé. Rounding out the staff are 17-year old hostess Natasha (Vanessa Lengies), abrasive waitress Naomi (Alanna Ubach), waitress (and Monty's ex-girlfriend) Serena (Anna Faris), Dean's girlfriend and fellow waitress Amy (Kaitlin Doubleday), stoner bus-boys T-Dog and Nick (Max Kasch and Andy Milonakis), head chef Raddamus (Luis Guzman), the insane, unsanitary chef Floyd (Dane Cook), and the pensive and philosophical dishwasher Bishop (Chi McBride).

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Monica Monica
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List of Waiting... quotes.

Monty: So, what do you think of Natasha? Dean: I think she's illegal. Monty: Yeah, I've made peace with that. Seriously, look at her. You know she has that Scooby-Doo tongue. Dean: (imitating Scooby-Doo) Ratutory rape.

Dean: Hey Floyd, no bacon on that salad. Floyd: (Looks at Dean and speaks with a southern twang) Yes massa, ain't gon' be no bacon on the salad (Cook starts whipping Floyd with a towel while Floyd starts singing devotional-style) Floyd: Oh lord, no bacon... No bacon the salad...

(to employees) Dan: Oh, uh, push the fish, it's about to turn.


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Waiting... (2005) - Official Movie Trailer

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