Tough Enough (1983)

  • Tough Enough
  • Tough Enough
  • Tough Enough
  • Tough Enough
  • Tough Enough

Tough Enough is a 1983 film directed by Richard Fleischer, starring Dennis Quaid, Pam Grier, Warren Oates and Stan Shaw.

Tough Enough
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Photos of the Tough Enough cast, first billed only.


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  • Tough Enough
  • Tough Enough
  • Tough Enough
  • Tough Enough
  • Tough Enough


An aspiring country/western singer, whose money is disappearing faster than his career opportunities... (source:


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Characters appearing in the movie Tough Enough.

Full Cast

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Full cast list for the movie Tough Enough.
Art Long

Caroline Long

P.T. Coolidge


James Neese

Tony Fallon

Bill Long

Gert Long

Christopher Norris
Christopher Long

Terra Perry
Wet T-Shirt Girl

Big John Hamilton
Big John

Steve Ward
Heckler in Torreyson's

Susan Benn
Girl in Torreyson's

Mark Edson
Janitor in Torreyson's

Steve 'Monk' Miller
Tigran Baldasarian

Jimmy Nickerson
Jackhammer Malamud

Rod Kieschnick
Gregor Samsa

Preston Salisbury
Ike Kennedy

Darryl Poafpybitty
Mad Dog Redfeather

Tino Zaragoza
Mando Chandovar


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List of Tough Enough quotes.

Heckler in Torreyson's: Boys, we ain't gon' get them titties back till this bum get's off.

Bill Long: Did you get a look at that big meat-headed sonofabitch?
Art Long: What'd they say he was? Albanian?
Bill Long: I know one thing: he's some kind of goddamned foreigner, and there ain't but one way to whip 'em.
Art Long: What's that?
Bill Long: Kick him right square in the nuts, and then tell him his mother's whore.
Art Long: Thanks a lot, Dad. Will you just shut up, please?
Bill Long: I'm just tryin' to help you, Son. You're the one that's gotta go in there and fight this big dumb sonofabitch. Look at him. Probably some kind of a goddamned... Communist savage.

Gert Long: What's wrong?
Art Long: "What's wrong?" What? Can't a son come visit his parents without something being wrong?
Gert Long: Not usually. What's the matter?
Art Long: (Laughs shyly & turns away)
Gert Long: BILL! Bill! Art & Caroline have had a fight!
Bill Long: They'll work it out.
Art Long: No, we haven't had a fight!
Bill Long: See there? They've already worked it out.


Trailer for the movie Tough Enough.
Tough Enough (1983) - Official Movie Trailer

Release Date14 April 1983
Tagline"Rocky" without rules
GenreAction, Drama, Romance, Sport
Filming LocationsFort Worth, Texas, USA
Sound MixMono
Film TypeFeature

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