The Longest Yard (2005)

  • The Longest Yard
  • The Longest Yard
  • The Longest Yard
  • The Longest Yard
  • The Longest Yard

The Longest Yard is a 2005 American sports comedy film remake of the 1974 film of the same name. Adam Sandler plays the protagonist, Paul Crewe, a disgraced former professional football quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL, who is coerced to form a team from the prison inmates to play football against their guards.

The Longest Yard
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  • The Longest Yard
  • The Longest Yard
  • The Longest Yard
  • The Longest Yard
  • The Longest Yard


Paul "Wrecking" Crewe (Adam Sandler) is a former NFL player disgraced for shaving points in a big game. He gets in an argument with his rich girlfriend, Lena (Courteney Cox), regarding his failure. He locks her in a closet, gets drunk, and goes joyriding in her Bentley Continental GT through San Diego. After completely wrecking the car, and disabling several police cruisers in the process, he gets arrested and convicted for grand theft auto and driving while intoxicated, and sentenced to three years in Allenville Penitentiary in Texas.



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Paul Crewe


Coach Nate Scarborough


Deacon Moss

Walter Williamson
Errol Dandridge


Cheeseburger Eddy



Joey Diaz
Big Tony

Baby Face Bob

Ms. Tucker

Skitchy Rivers

Captain Knauer

Guard Lambert

Guard Engleheart


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List of The Longest Yard quotes.

Switowski: Will you teach me to football? Paul 'Wrecking' Crewe: Sure, I'll teach you to football. Caretaker: I'll teach you anything. Just don't eat me.

Paul 'Wrecking' Crewe: (after being pulled over by cops) Here, you can finish this beer for me... I've got five more!

(last lines) Deacon Moss: (Deacon and Battle pour Gatorade on Warden Hazen) Good game, sir! Warden Hazen: That's a week in the hotbox! Joey Battle: Who gives a shit!


Trailer for the movie The Longest Yard.
The Longest Yard (2005) - Official Movie Trailer

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