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Nowhere is a 1997 American black comedy drama film written and directed by Gregg Araki. It stars James Duval and Rachel True as Dark and Mel, a bisexual teen couple who are both sexually promiscuous.

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The third film in a trilogy by writer-director Gregg Araki. Described as "90210 on acid", the film tells the story of a day in the lives of a group of high school kids Los Angeles and the strange lives they lead. (source:


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Characters appearing in the movie Nowhere.

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Dark Smith



Joshua Gibran Mayweather


Egg, Polly

Bart Sighvatssohn

Alan Boyce

The Teen Idol


Thyme Lewis

Dark's Mom


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List of Nowhere quotes.

(first lines)
Dark: (voice-over) L.A. is like... nowhere. Everybody who lives here is lost.

Elvis: Tie me up.
Alyssa: Okay, mister kinky.
Elvis: Now spank me. Spank my hot, tight, rock-hard ass.
Alyssa: (starts mild spanking) Um... Elvis? I... I love you.
Elvis: Ditto, honeybunny.

Valley Chick #1: Oh my god! Jujyfruit's party is tonight, and I have no clue who to go with.
Valley Chick #2: What about Jason?
Valley Chick #3: I'm going with Jason!
Valley Chick #1: We could all go with Tomas!
Valley Chick #3: I thought YOU were going with Tomas!
Valley Chick #2: Tomas has a dinky weenie.
Valley Chick #3: You did Tomas?
Valley Chick #2: Ew! I'm sure, gross. I thought Jason was doing Tomas.
Valley Chick #1: Jason's going out with that valley sluthole Eileen Schwatrzkoff.
Valley Chick #3: Untrue! Says who?
Valley Chick #1: Eileen.
Valley Chick #3: And you believe her? Hello! She lives in Whittier!
Valley Chick #2: If Jason did Eileen he must've done Richard!
Valley Chick #1: Who's Richard?
Valley Chick #2: Eileen's other scag, and she's totally into these kinko three ways!
Valley Chick #3: Eileen... is... a... whore!
Valley Chick #1: Is Richard the surfer with the hair lift who drives the black Jetta?
Valley Chick #2: No. He's got a Lexus.
Valley Chick #1: I thought he hung himself!
Valley Chick #2: No! He's totally gorgeous. Plus, he's got a Lexus.
Valley Chick #1: Is he gay?
Valley Chick #2: Who? Jason?
Valley Chick #3: Richard?
Valley Chick #1: Tomas!
Valley Chick #3: Well, duh! What do you think, dingle berry?


Trailer for the movie Nowhere.
Nowhere (1997) - Official Movie Trailer

Release Date9 May 1997
Tagline"sexy, psychedelic, dementedly funny, with a sensational soundtrack... it's like clueless with nipple rings."
GenreComedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Filming LocationsLos Angeles, California, USA
Sound MixUltra Stereo
Film TypeFeature
Film ClassTeen Movie, Urban Drama, Gay & Lesbian Films
Niche GenreComedy Drama
ThemesSexual Awakening, Faltering Friendships, Gender-Bending, Generation Gap, Interracial/Cross-Cultural Romance
TonesCampy, Satirical, Irreverent, Disturbing, Quirky, Raunchy, Sexy

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