Ladder 49 (2004)

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Ladder 49 is a 2004 film about the heroics of a Baltimore fireman Jack Morrison, who is trapped inside a warehouse fire and his recollection of the events that got him to that point. The movie is a celebration of the firefighting profession and the life that comes with it. It was directed by Jay Russell.

Ladder 49
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  • Ladder 49
  • Ladder 49
  • Ladder 49
  • Ladder 49
  • Ladder 49


The film opens with Baltimore City Fire Department firefighter Jack Morrison saving a man's life in a burning warehouse in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. However, the grain being stored in the warehouse explodes, sending Jack tumbling several floors where he breaks his leg. The film follows the efforts of the other men in his unit led by BCFD Deputy Chief Mike Kennedy, his longtime mentor, to rescue him while Jack tries to reach a safe area of the burning structure. Interspersed with the current rescue efforts are a series of flashbacks showing how Jack joined the fire department, his meeting with the woman who would become his wife, his relationship with his children and the bond he formed with his fellow firefighters.



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Characters appearing in the movie Ladder 49.

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Jack Morrison

Captain Mike Kennedy

Linda Morrison

Lenny Richter

Tommy Drake

Dennis Gauquin

Ray Gauquin

Tony Corrigan

Frank Mckinny

Keith Perez

Don Miller

Steve Maye
Pete Lamb

Robert Lewis
Ed Reilly

Katie Morrison

Spencer Berglund
Nicky Morrison

Karen Vicks

Desiree Care

Deidra LaWan Starnes
Marlene Drake

Peggy Cafferty

Marja Allen


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List of Ladder 49 quotes.

Chief Kennedy: It's never an easy thing, saying goodbye to a brother firefighter, it's not. And this time, particularly is difficult for me because I watched Jack grow into a, well, into one of the finest firefighters I've ever known. He joined this department because he wanted to help people, who knows how many homes are still standing because Jack was there or how many lives were spared. He gave his life for that cause. We'll never forget you Jack. And we're better for having known you. But I make you this one promise, tomorrow when that bell rings, we will be back on the truck, because you were the bravest of the brave. People are always asking me, how is it that firefighters run into a burning building when everyone else is running out? Well, Jack, you answered that question by saving another man's life. Your courage is the answer. And today we will be as brave as you, by not mourning you, but by celebrating your life. So I'd like everyone to stand up and celebrate the life of Jack Morrison.

Linda Morrison: Hi, I've heard alot about you! Chief Kennedy: Yeah? Linda Morrison: Yeah; you wear really sexy boxers, right? With the red love hearts on them?... little too tight?

Jack Morrison: Tell Linda I love her... That I've loved her from the second I saw her.


Trailer for the movie Ladder 49.
Ladder 49 (2004) - Official Movie Trailer

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