A Pistol for Ringo (1965)

  • A Pistol for Ringo
  • A Pistol for Ringo
  • A Pistol for Ringo
  • A Pistol for Ringo
  • A Pistol for Ringo

A Pistol for Ringo (Italian: Una Pistola per Ringo) is a 1965 Spaghetti Western, a joint Italian and Spanish production. Originally written and directed by Duccio Tessari, the film's success led to a sequel, The Return of Ringo, later that year.

A Pistol for Ringo
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Photos of the A Pistol for Ringo cast, first billed only.


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  • A Pistol for Ringo
  • A Pistol for Ringo
  • A Pistol for Ringo
  • A Pistol for Ringo
  • A Pistol for Ringo


Finito in prigione per avere ucciso, per legittima difesa, tre uomini mentre giocava a campana, Ringo... (source: imdb.com)


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Characters appearing in the movie A Pistol for Ringo.

Full Cast

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Full cast list for the movie A Pistol for Ringo.
Fernando Sancho

Miss Ruby


Maj. Clyde

Manuel Muñiz

Juan Cazalilla
Mr. Jenkinson - Bank director

Pablito Alonso
Chico - Mexican boy

Nazzareno Zamperla
Sancho's gang member

Francisco Sanz
The colonel

Jose Halufi
Sancho's gang member

George Martin
Ben - the sheriff

Juan Torres
Henry - Bank clerk

Frank Oliveras

Duccio Tessari
Deputy Sheriff


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List of A Pistol for Ringo quotes.

Ringo: Never enter into a deal for less than thirty percent.

Ringo: You're lucky I came along here. I can fix that up for ya.
Estaban: You?
Ringo: In San Antone, I used to work for a barber who was a surgeon on the side. I helped him operate on twelve or thirteen horses.
Estaban: Wait a minute! Listen, I'm not a horse, understand!
Ringo: And I'm not a doctor. So that makes us even.

Ringo: Dead, huh? Well they say, 'Early to bed, early to rise, gets you shot between the eyes.'


Trailer for the movie A Pistol for Ringo.
A Pistol for Ringo (1965) - Official Movie Trailer

Release Date12 May 1965
GenreWestern, Action, Drama
Filming LocationsAlmería, Andalucía, Spain
Sound MixMono

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