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$, also known as Dollars and in the UK as The Heist, is a 1971 American caper film starring Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn, and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The movie was written and directed by Richard Brooks and produced by M.J. Frankovich. The supporting cast includes Gert Fröbe, Robert Webber and Scott Brady. The film was partly shot in Hamburg, Germany, which forms the primary location of the film and was supported by the Hamburg Art Museum and Bendestorf Studios.

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A bank security expert plots with a call girl to rob three safety deposit boxes containing $1.5 million in cash belonging to three very different criminals from a high-tech security bank in Hamburg, Germany. (source: imdb.com)


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Joe Collins

Dawn Divine

Mr. Kessel



Arthur Brauss
Candy Man

Robert Stiles

Wolfgang Kieling


Christiane Maybach

Hans Hutter

Monica Stender

Horst Hesslein

Wolfgang Kuhlman

Klaus Schichan

Tove Platon

Kirsten Lahman

Françoise Blanc
$ stripper

Darrell Armstrong
Associated Press

Walt Trott
Stars and Stripes


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Dawn Divine: He could have killed me too, you know?
Joe Collins: That's right.
Dawn Divine: I hate him!
Joe Collins: Damn waste of time!
Dawn Divine: I don't care! I could kill him!
Joe Collins: Hey, stealing's a business, not a crusade.

(the battered and bloodied Candy Man enters while the Sarge is beating up the Major over the stolen money)
Candy Man: Let him go! He doesn't have the money.
Sarge: What do you know about it?
Candy Man: My box got hit too.
Sarge: You're kidding! All 'em boxes at the bank got hit?
Candy Man: Not all.
Sarge: Only us?
Candy Man: People like us.
Sarge: What the hell do I have to do with you?
Candy Man: You're in the same boat.
Sarge: Not me! I'm not connected with you in any way.
Candy Man: Can you go to the police and report it? Huh?
Major: He's right.
Sarge: You shut up! The Candy Man's right. Whoever it was, if we can't call a cop... neither can they. Okay, Mr. Candy Man, you're the brains here. Who?
(the Candy Man suddenly sees a photo of Dawn Divine and the Sarge together and he reconizes her)
Candy Man: When we know how... we'll know who.

(the Attorney shows his bodyguard the empty safety deposit box)
Bodyguard: I don't belive it! $830,000... gone. How?
Attorney: (stammering) I... I don't know. It's just...
Bodyguard: What are we going to tell Vegas?
Attorney: Whatever you tell them, they're not gonna belive it. I know those guys. They're killers. If you tell them the money's gone, stolen, or we got ripped off... they're gonna think we stole it.
Bodyguard: What do we do now?
Attorney: Start running. Jesus... man, you can't trust a bank!


Trailer for the movie $.
$ (1971) - Official Movie Trailer

Release Date15 December 1971
TaglineThe BIG bank-heist is on!
GenreCrime, Comedy, Drama
Filming LocationsAlter Elbtunnel, St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany
Sound MixMono
Film TypeFeature
Film ClassCaper, Comedy Thriller
MoodComedy on the Edge
ThemesUnlikely Criminals, Cons and Scams, Bank Robbery, Lovers on the Lam
TonesQuirky, Easygoing, Humorous, Cynical, Rousing

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