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Youtube videos for Richard Ramirez.
  1. A Conversation with Richard Ramirez--The Night Stalker--Reported by Mike Watkiss

    by Mike Watkiss 5 years ago 1,883,630 views

    A Jail House Conversation with Serial Killer Richard Ramirez--The Night Stalker--Reported by Mike Watkiss.

  2. Richard Ramirez - Serial Killer Documentary

    by Popular videos around the world 8 months ago 2,993 views

    Richard Ramirez - Serial Killer - Documentary.

  3. Richard Ramirez Part 1 - Capture and Trial

    by beautynumbertwo 5 years ago 200,291 views

    Richard Ramirez aka the Night Stalker Résumé: The devilishly handsome Satan-worshiping rapist and serial killer terrorized ...

  4. Richard Ramírez el satanico asesino en serie entre los años 1984 y 1985

    by gina2020 5 months ago 490 views

    Ricardo Leyva Ramírez Muñoz, también conocido como Richard Ramírez o por el apodo de Night Stalker El "merodeador nocturno" ...

  5. rare clip of richard ramirez in court

    by Sofia m. 10 months ago 11,715 views

    richard ramirez in court 1986.


    by Alecia Reid 1 year ago 5,241 views

  7. Assassinos em Série - Richard Ramirez - O Assassino Noturno - legendas em português

    by RealCrazyWoman2 1 year ago 10,001 views

    Richard Ramirez com o apelido de Assassino Noturno ou Night Stalker, matou 14 pessoas entre outros delitos de roubo, estupro ...

  8. AC/DC - night prowler Richard Ramirez

    by psychopathBTK 3 years ago 8,026 views

    AC/DC - night prowler Richard Ramirez.

  9. Les Grandes Affaires Criminelles - 17 - Richard Ramirez - Le Prédateur de la Nuit - [FR]

    by LaChaineDuCrime LeRetour 2 years ago 49,616 views

    Ricardo « Richard » Muñoz Ramírez (El Paso, Texas, 29 février 1960) est un tueur en série américain ayant sévi à Los Angeles ...

  10. Serial Killers: Assassino da Noite-Richard Ramirez (DUB)

    by fimdostempos07 9 months ago 5,491 views

    Ele atacava mulheres jovens e idosas, sempre à noite, no início da década de 1980. Richard Ramirez foi condenado por 14 ...

  11. The Night Stalker : Documentary on Serial Killer Richard Ramirez

    by Stacy Brimly 6 months ago 554 views

    The Night Stalker : Documentary on Serial Killer Richard Ramirez . 2013 2014 This documentary as well as all of the rest ...

  12. 'The Night Stalker' Richard Ramirez has died

    by EverythingWorldNews 1 year ago 7,204 views

    LOS ANGELES -- Richard Ramirez, the demonic serial killer known as the Night Stalker who left satanic signs at murder scenes ...

  13. Night Stalker Richard Ramirez Died of Cancer NBC Southern California

    by MrChesjr 1 year ago 2,443 views

    "Copyright Disclaimer, Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as ...

  14. Richard Ramirez - SERIAL KILLERS #WV.WS

    by Wahre Verbrechen.Wahre Stories 2 years ago 40,499 views

    SERIAL KILLERS stellt in animierten Kurzgeschichten einen Menschen vor, der zum Serienmörder wurde. Kleine Erzählungen. Ohne ...

  15. BBC Documentary - Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Born To Kill new HD 720p

    by Feray Hakverdi 6 months ago 506 views

    BBC Documentary - Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Born To Kill new HD 720p Please follow me Welcome To My Channel Documentary ...

  16. Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker R.I.P

    by Richard Ramirez 1 year ago 5,128 views

    Rest in Peace Richie.. I Love You My Friend..

  17. I am evil:Richard Ramirez interview - 'He looked like a highlighter pen'

    by ITNNEWSOFFICAL 1 year ago 2,218 views

    'He looked like a highlighter pen': Night Stalker serial killer who terrorized California with a spree of satanic murders ...

  18. Serial Killer Richard Ramirez

    by Richard Ramirez 1 year ago 7,714 views

  19. Serial Killer | Richard Ramirez | The Night Stalker | Crime Documentary

    by GangsterShitVidsssss 7 months ago 153 views

    Ricardo Leyva "Richard" Muñoz Ramírez (February 29, 1960 -- June 7, 2013) was an American serial killer, rapist, and burglar ...

  20. Richard Ramirez: Wild Side

    by Kiefer89 7 months ago 2,501 views

    "All the killings are going to be blamed on me." - Richard Ramirez.

  21. [Doku] Amerikas größter Albtraum - Richard Ramirez - The Night Stalker

    by LikeTheFirstIdiot 1 year ago 2,580 views

    Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker.

  22. RICHARD RAMIREZ Manimal (part I )

    by Helline78prod 3 years ago 3,857 views

  23. Richard Ramirez. "Mi unico Amor"

    by alexander cuicas 2 years ago 105 views

    Invitada especial: Cantante Hilda Solarte Tema"Mi unico Amor"

  24. RICHARD RAMIREZ Subjugator

    by Helline78prod 4 years ago 2,572 views


  25. Richard Ramirez Part 5 of 5

    by CrazedLunatic83 7 years ago 143,643 views

    Richard Ramirez Part 5 of 5 wWw.BeStPaGeOnEaRtH.Com.

  26. Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker - Hells Bells

    by darlingdino 5 years ago 33,054 views

    A brief look at the short life of living on the outside for Richard Ramirez while he was free and the cities he terrorized ...

  27. Richard Ramirez -Spinal Amputation

    by Valerie Plancoet 2 years ago 351 views

    Tape: Richard Ramirez - Bleeding Headwound Label:Old Europa Cafe.

  28. Richard Ramirez - Seagull

    by darlingdino 5 years ago 5,539 views

    A video dedicated to Richard. This is his favorite song. I know the video has the same clips as Waiting for the Miracle but ...

  29. Seryjni mordercy (odcinek 12) Nocny Łowca - Richard Ramirez

    by Agnieszka Aga 4 months ago 20 views

    Potwory, wampiry, zwyrodnialcy - stygmatyzowani wspólnym określeniem "seryjni mordercy" - od wieków byli pierwowzorami s ...

  30. AC/DC - Night Prowler (Richard Ramírez) Legendado/Português

    by Alvaro Pereira 1 year ago 684 views

    Fiz um clip à partir de fotos e vídeos referentes à Ricardo Levya Munõz Ramírez. Richard Ramirez (29/02/1960) foi um conhecido ...

  31. Richard Ramirez - Nightstalker (Baphomet's Blood)

    by YeahHuah 5 years ago 18,456 views

    A tribute to Richard Ramirez, with photos and videos. Song : Nightstalker - Baphomet's Blood (Album: Satanic Metal Attack ...

  32. "Night Stalker" serial killer Richard Ramirez dies

    by PatrynWorldLatestNew 1 year ago 528 views

    Richard Ramirez, the notorious serial killer known as the Night Stalker, died early Friday in a hospital, a state official ...

  33. Richard Ramirez: A Vicious Valentine's Day

    by Kiefer89 2 years ago 2,541 views

    This is a video with words from his fans, supporters, defenders etc. Love you all for your inspiring contributions... ;-) ...

  34. Richard Ramirez: A Session With Satan

    by Kiefer89 1 year ago 8,316 views

    This Is Hardcore by Pulp.

  35. (Filme) Night Stalker RICHARD RAMIREZ

    by john scanner 1 year ago 7,886 views

    Este é um filme baseado em fatos reais sobre a história do serial killer Richard Ramirez que causou o terror em Los Angeles ...

  36. Richard Ramirez-Cultural Blockade

    by Valerie Plancoet 2 years ago 274 views

    Various - Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders Volume I.

  37. Richard Ramirez (Documentary) Part 3

    by elizabeth orr 2 years ago 1,172 views

    The serial killer's story continues...

  38. The Night Stalker's Groupies - 1990 KRON 4 Report

    by KRON 4 1 year ago 4,195 views

    KRON 4's Chuck Coppola reports in this feature from January 9, 1990 about two self-described fans of Night Stalker Richard ...

  39. Richard Ramirez

    by 1981Openminded 1 year ago 618 views

    Richard Ramirez Alice In Chains song Man In The Box Richard did alot of horrific things, no one has the right to judge how ...

  40. Biografías: Richard Ramirez.

    by MuEr3x 3 years ago 8,880 views

    The Nightstalker.

  41. Richard Ramirez (Jedi Mind Tricks) Intro (Violence Begets Violence)

    by Ramirezgirl85 3 years ago 8,920 views

    My first video since RamirezWorshipper got suspended....this one goes out to ma gurl KIEFER89!!! :D.

  42. Dementes T3

    by José Andrade 1 year ago 12,910 views

    Aos 10 anos, Richard Ramirez era visto dormindo em cemitérios. Mais tarde, ele espalharia o terror na cidade de Los Angeles ...

  43. RICHARD RAMIREZ Walk All Over You

    by Helline78prod 4 years ago 14,692 views

    Richard walks all over you...ORGASMATRIC!

  44. richard ramirez

    by hanniballecter62 1 year ago 550 views

    richard ramirez RIP: february 29,1960-june 7,2013 richard ramirez immortal life hell for new master ever in memories nightstalker ...

  45. Serial Killers - Patrick Kearney / Boston Strangler / Richard Ramirez

    by Rabbit In Red Four 4 months ago 735 views

    Pat Kearmey was known as the Trash Bag Killer because of his penchant for dismembering and disposing of victims in trash ...

  46. Richard Ramirez -- Meat Scraping Metal

    by Valerie Plancoet 3 years ago 664 views

    Richard Ramirez / Autoerotichrist -- Birthright Split EP Label: Worldmadefleshrecordings.

  47. Richard Ramirez: The Valley Intruder

    by Kiefer89 1 year ago 1,399 views

    "There's blood behind the Night Stalker." - Richard Ramirez.

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