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  1. Richard Z. Kruspe on the RAMMFIRE amp emulation

    by Native Instruments 4 years ago 578,042 views

    Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe about the story of his setup, and about his partnership with Native Instruments. Setting ...

  2. Richard Z. Kruspe interview New Zealand 2011 (English)

    by RZK4Evr 3 years ago 33,751 views

    Richard looks great here! :D What's with the guy at the beginning with 'Rammschteen'? xD Also the interviewer wearing a Justin ...

  3. Richard Kruspe-The best scene from clips

    by audinka4 3 years ago 20,481 views

  4. ESP Guitars: Richard Z. Kruspe (Rammstein) Interview -- Oct 2011

    by espguitarsusa 3 years ago 55,215 views

    In this in-depth interview, Rammstein's Richard Z. Kruspe talks about how he got into guitar, what he likes about ESP Guitars ...

  5. Richard Kruspe tribute

    by Rammsteingirl98 2 years ago 8,803 views

    A Richard Kruspe Tribute!!

  6. Entrevista - Richard Kruspe / Rock Werchter, Belgica [06.07.2013]

    by rammsteinmxOficial 1 year ago 5,127 views

    Entrevista Richard Kruspe / Rock Werchter, Belgica [06.07.2013]

  7. Richard Kruspe and Rakim

    by UltimateLIVE 4 years ago 20,447 views

    Industrial and Hip-Hop together? Let's see...

  8. Rammstein Richard kruspe guitar solos

    by Seven7Rammstein 3 years ago 19,370 views

  9. Richard Z Kruspe (Some sick dream)

    by penata87 2 years ago 8,166 views


  10. Tom Morello VS Dimebag Darrell VS Richard Z. Kruspe guitar solo battle - Neogeofanatic

    by NeoGeofanatic 1 year ago 42,721 views

    Facebook : Logo by Shinsei MATOS/GEAR : ESP Horizon from the ...

  11. Richard Kruspe: "TEMPTATION"

    by Florencia Rosenrot rzk 1 year ago 1,777 views


  12. Richard Kruspe Tribute

    by Fabiola Lopez 2 years ago 6,001 views

    Un video con imágenes del maravilloso guitarrista de Rammstein y Emigrate (donde también canta) y además fundador de ambas ...

  13. Rammstein At ECHO 2012 (1st Award)

    by SHOCKER 999 2 years ago 90,011 views

    2012-03-22 ECHO Award 2012 Richard Kruspe, Christian "Flake" Lorenz.

  14. Richard Kruspe Interview anakonda im netz 2006

    by sandy hün 4 years ago 53,944 views

    Richard Kruspe interview anakonda im netz ....

  15. Cutest Couple In The World:Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe

    by Mante S 2 years ago 15,313 views

    No copyright infringement is intended. I do not own any rights involved in the making of my video. No do I make any money ...

  16. Richard Z Kruspe - Scandalous

    by xXVenomsGloryXx 1 year ago 1,619 views


  17. Richard Z. Kruspe - Vergissmeinnicht

    by RZK4Evr 5 years ago 46,317 views

    Mmmmm, I finished earlier today, and I like it! xD I think the song totally suits him, because he's so damn sexy and who ...

  18. Richard Kruspe Tribute - Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein

    by JadeAngelOfHell 5 years ago 8,472 views

    Hey =) A new video of my own xD this time it is NOT about Till but about Richard. Of course there is no doubt that I am Till ...

  19. Richard Z. Kruspe - Smile!

    by Erika Oliva 3 years ago 21,319 views

    Richard Z. Kruspe.

  20. Richard Z Kruspe = Sexy

    by SchneidersRammgirl 7 years ago 70,042 views

    Originally uploaded September 26th 2006 This is a video treat for all Richard Z Kruspe fans out there to show that he is ...

  21. Richard Kruspe - Interview Prague, Czech Republic 2009

    by Rammsteinfans Germany 2 years ago 8,391 views

    Follow us/Folgt uns auf:

  22. Richard Z. Kruspe Interview 2010 [english subtitles]

    by TheLockDown 4 years ago 14,681 views

    The recent interview with Richard Z. Kruspe from Rammstein. Very interesting if you ask me. If you notice any mistakes or ...

  23. 2009.12.15 Richard Kruspe interview Denmark [tv 2 go]

    by espRZkruspe 5 years ago 50,874 views

    Hey, a new Interview with Richard Kruspe from Rammstein.Its done in Denmark.Have fun.

  24. Richard Z. Kruspe solos in rammstein

    by ichbinrammstein 6 years ago 68,327 views

    Richard Z. Kruspe solos in rammstein Richard solos 2 all solos!

  25. Emigrate solos - by Richard Kruspe

    by Camila Argenta 1 year ago 1,146 views

    Neither of the photos are mine. Credits goes to the respective owners. All the songs belong to the band Emigrate. That was ...

  26. Khira Li and Richard Z Kruspe - Babe

    by derMondshein 5 years ago 59,830 views

  27. Richard Z. Kruspe solos en Rammstein

    by Kreuz Spring 4 years ago 19,059 views

    [Español] Vídeo con los solos y riffs de Richard Z. Kruspe. Disfrútenlo y comenta... Dale manita arriba y compártelo. [E ...

  28. Richard Kruspe - Hungriges Herz

    by Myrtusz1 6 years ago 73,226 views

    Ohh...mein hungriges Herz:)A very-very simple tribute to this talented man. I hope you enjoy it ! Some pics and a lot of ...

  29. Richard Kruspe 1996/1997

    by RuweDiamant 7 years ago 3,383 views

  30. Richard Kruspe Tainted love

    by Gregor Nadzam 2 years ago 14,859 views

    Richard Kruspe tribute.

  31. Emigrate - My World Richard Kruspe

    by Steinpoller 3 years ago 991 views

  32. Richard Kruspe x Paul Landers

    by Pandakyo1000 9 months ago 1,755 views

    This is a video for all Richard x Paul Fans. They are members of the band Rammstein. And I love them so much *.*

  33. Richard Kruspe

    by Freilassung 4 years ago 296 views

  34. Richard Kruspe Demos 2010 // "Rammfire"

    by IceBreacker03 4 years ago 39,855 views

    Demos hechos por RZK para el programa "Rammfire" de Native Instruments (compatible con Guitar Rig), que saldra a la venta ...

  35. Richard Kruspe: "Recuerdos"

    by Florencia Rosenrot 2 years ago 1,018 views

  36. Der Wahnsinn ??? Rammstein funny - Richard Kruspe - Du riechst so gut

    by J108 3 years ago 40,552 views Richard tried to tell "Der Wahnsinn" fancy way Рихард попытался сказать "Der Wahnsinn" ...

  37. Rammstein @ AlloMusic

    by AlloMusicCom 5 years ago 9,202 views

    A l'occasion de la sortie de leur très controversé nouvel album intitulé Liebe ist fur alle da ("L'amour est pour tout le ...

  38. Richard Kruspe Y Christoph Schneider en bicicleta.

    by MrFausten 3 years ago 22,040 views

    Richard Kruspe Y Christoph Schneider integrantes de Rammstein, dan un paseo en bicicleta por las calles de Buenos Aires ...

  39. + Richard Kruspe - Personal Jesus +

    by Myrtusz1 6 years ago 10,795 views

    This's to my role model, who accomplish all his ideas. So he's my "personal jesus".:P Sorry, this copulation (Richard - ...

  40. Richard Z. Kruspe - Deeper & Deeper (Tribute)

    by RZK4Evr 4 years ago 6,850 views

    A great video with RZK and Dave Gahan music. Video made for my good friend Claudia for her 19th birthday which is today ...

  41. Happy Birthday Richard Kruspe 46 years

    by Rammstein Emigrate 1 year ago 664 views

    Today's Birthdays wonderful man by the name of Richard Kruspe segdnya he turns 46 years old this and will heute video.

  42. Richard Kruspe interview - Liebe ist fur alle da

    by SiriusPunk 9 months ago 355 views

    Richard Kruspe of Rammstein talks about the ideas behind the LIFAD tour, the chemistry within the band, and the video for ...

  43. Rammstein - Richard Z. Kruspe says stop complaining in ten minutes

    by JayJayHero 3 years ago 17,666 views

    This was a request from my girlfriend so don't blame me! From Making of "Mein Teil" music video.

  44. Rammstein , Richard Kruspe Tribute !!! Hot & Nummy

    by teetle1986 5 years ago 8,654 views

    Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. I do not own any rights involved in the making of my video. Nor do I make ...

  45. Richard Z. Kruspe

    by RZK4Evr 5 years ago 8,305 views

    NOTE: This wasn't done by me, but by someone else on youtube named RammsteinLucka, I just loved this and don't know why she ...

  46. Sexy Richard Kruspe

    by musichild87 7 years ago 10,266 views

    All about hotty Richard Kruspe.

  47. Richard Kruspe - I'm not

    by LestattDeLioncourt 3 years ago 23,463 views

    RZK - Tribute Made by LestatDeLioncourt from

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