Ludacris - Nasty Girl

"Nasty Girl" is the third official single off Ludacris' sixth studio album, Theater of the Mind. The song features Plies and was produced by Swizz Beatz. The song was released to radio on January 20, 2009.

Music Video

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Ludacris "Nasty Girl" Music Video

Song Lyrics


A lady in the street but a freak in the bed

Lady in the street but a freak in the bed...

Lady in the street but a freak in the bed

Lady in the street but a freak in the bed

[Chorus: Ludacris]

See she makes her own money, pays her own bills

Always stays fly, keeps it so real

But behind closed do`s she a nasty girl (yup)

Behind closed do`s she a nasty girl

She got a crazy little figure, nice round ass

Walks so proper, talks with such class

But behind closed do`s she a nasty girl (yup)

Behind closed do`s she a nasty girl


Yeah, I met this girl named Keisha, she was so sweet (yup)

Nails stay manicured, pretty little feet (woo!)

Shoes so sexy, body so hot

Hair lookin like she just came from the shop

Legs so smooth, clothes so tight

Style so sexy, makeup just right

Never too much, never too little

Black lace bra, Vickie Secrets in the middle

Eyes so innocent, smile so bright

Works in the mornin but she`ll party all night

All for her man, all cause she bout it

All cause she crazy in love and don`t doubt it

Product of her birthplace, know about the streets

Clean in the workplace, dirty in the sheets

Keeps her own toaster, makes her own bread

Lady in the STREET but a freak in the bed, cause



Okay, okay, haha

I got a college girl who go to church e`ry Sunday

Had her sneak out of choir rehearsal to put it on me

But she`s so innocent, when she ridin, mami

One thing about her, she get her own money

Gave it to her yesterday while she was doin laundry

Favorite chore of mine, it`s my lil` bunny

Bowl-legged and classy, such a real woman

Sex all night, go to work e`ry mornin

Text me from work and told me she was horny

Text her back and told her, "Me too mami"

When you get off work, daddy gon` punish

You my nasty girl forever I promise



I got a doctor girlfriend that tells me, "Come home soon!"

She plays like my house is her emergency room

Tells me to undress and to lay on the sofa

Checks all my vitals like a doc`s supposed ta

All white coat, all white heels

And nothin underneath so it`s an all night deal

I`m her number one patient and delighted to be

And when she needs her medicine I give her vitamin D

But wait! I got a lawyer girl that`s so wild

And every single night she wanna take me to trial

Said she needs some evidence, and to show her the PROOF

So I put her on the stand and I give her the truth!

Cause I`m hung like a jury (jury)

Judge Luda preside over your body and I`m never in a hurry

You may proceed, let the games begin

And if I call a mistrial we gotta do it again


Soundtrack Credits

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Alternative Versions

Release History

The Ludacris song "Nasty Girl" appears on the following releases. The list of releases includes albums, compilations, singles, soundtracks and remix albums.
Disc Track Album Year
1 9 Theater Of The Mind 2008
1 0 Theatre Of The Mind
1 9 Ludagiving 2009


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