Faith No More - Anne's Song

"Anne's Song" is a song by Faith No More off their second album Introduce Yourself and was the second and last single released with Chuck Mosley on vocals. It failed to chart anywhere in the world making it Faith No More's most unsuccessful single although, according to allmusic, "should have been a hit". The music video produced was directed by Tamra Davis.

Anne's Song
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Music Video

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Faith No More "Anne's Song" Music Video

Song Lyrics

"HEY!" WHAT?? "Oh nothing, just wondering why it is you`re doing

that whatever it is you`re doing. "Oh yeah, why?" I dunno it just

doesn`t seem like something you`d be doing that`s all you of all

people, know what I mean? "Yeah I know it`s been bugging you since the

day I was born, huh? I asked my friend Anne about it. I said, `Anne,

Anne, Anne, what am I supposed to do,huh? It`s been bugging them since the

day that I was born.` She said `Do whatever the hell you want to do!

Now is the time where you can do anything, everything you do, anything it `s still gonna turn out great. You`ve got the world at your feet.`"

I never claimed to be different, I only said I was bored and she`s

tired of your uniqueness, it sends her over head first then the rest

of her follows, the breath of life, it never left her hollow...

I can do everything, she said, she says with a smile.

And I can go anywhere tonight, cause I`m with Anne.

Anne, Anne, Who? Anne Dagnabit Island princess girl with the juice

ooh what have we here? oh I see she brought her whole uptown contingent. First there`s Jonny, he always loves a party, he`s followed by Vinnie, who`s feelin` kinda skinny, he says "Hey Anne I`m starved what you got to eat, she

says "Vinnie you`re always hungry man get away from that fridge!

Here comes Lucy, she`s feelin` really sexy, she`s followed by her

boyfriend, who`d better not turn around, this time, or he`s bound to lose

her, yeah followed by Jamilla, who`s got the cream soda...

I can do anything I want I tell you again

We can go anywhere tonight, cause we`re with Anne

and we can do anything we want, I tell you again

We can go anywhere tonight, cause we`re with Anne

Anne, Anne, Who? Anne Dagnabit Island princess girl with the juice

Soundtrack Credits

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Alternative Versions

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Release History

The Faith No More song "Anne's Song" appears on the following releases. The list of releases includes albums, compilations, singles, soundtracks and remix albums.
Disc Track Album Year
1 2 Introduce Yourself 2005
1 3 This Is It: The Best Of Faith No More 2003
1 3 This Is It (The Best Of) 2003
1 14 The Platinum Collection 2007
1 2 The Works - A 3 CD Retrospective 2008
2 4 Live At Brixton Academy / Who Cares A Lot? 2006
1 4 Who Cares A Lot? Greatest Videos 1998
1 4 Video Croissant 1993
1 2 The Works: A 3 CD Retrospective 2008
1 2 We Care a Lot / Anne’s Song 1987


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