Ludacris - Move Bitch

"Move Bitch" (edited version titled "Move B**ch" or simply "Move") is the third official single from rapper Ludacris' album Word of Mouf. The single features Mystikal and I-20. The single reached #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Ludacris's first top ten hit on the chart. It also reached #3 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart and #3 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.

Move Bitch
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Song Lyrics

Move b*tch


Chorus 2x: Ludacris

Move b*tch, get out the way

Get out the way b*tch, get out the way

Move b*tch, get out the way

Get out the way b*tch, get out the way (2x)



I`ma bout to punch yo... LIGHTS OUT

Get the f**k back, guard ya grill

There`s somethin wrong, we can`t stay still

I`ve been drankin and buzzin` too

and I been thankin of bustin` you

Upside ya motherf**kin forehead

And if your friends jump in, "Ohhh girrlll", they`ll be mo dead

Causin confusion, Disturbin Tha Peaces

Its not an illusion, we runnin the streets-a

So bye-bye to all you groupies and golddiggers

Is there a bumper on your ass? NO n*gga!

I`m doin a hundred on the highway

So if you do the speed limit, get the f**k outta my way


and you about to get ran the f**k over


[Mystikal over second chorus]

b*tch! Watch out, watch out, watch out

b*tch! Watch out, watch out, watch out, move

Here I come, here I go

UH OH! Don`t jump b*tch, move

You see them headlights? You hear that f**kin crowd?

Start that goddamn show, I`m comin through

Hit the stage and knock the curtains down

I f**k the crowd up - that`s what I do

Young and successful - a sex symbol

The b*tches want me to f**k em - true true

Hold up, wait up, shorty

"Oh aww wazzzupp? Get my dick s*cked, what are yoouu doin?"

Sidelinin my f**kin business

Tryin to get my paper, child support soon

Give me that truck and take that rental back

Who bought these f**kin T.V.`s and jewelry b*tch, tell me that?

No, I ain`t bitter, I don`t give a f**k

But I`ma tell you like this b*tch

You better not walk in front of my tour bus


[I-20 over second chorus]

Bring it, get `em

2-0, I`m on the right track

Beef, got the right mack

Hit the trunk, grab the pump, punk I`ll be right back

We buyin bars out, showin scars out

We heard there`s hoes out, so we brought the cars out

Grab the pills cuz we poppin tonight

Beat the sh*t outta of security for stoppin the fight

I got a fifth of the Remy, f**k the Belve and Cris

I`m sellin sh*t up in the club like I work in the b*tch

f**k the dress codes, it`s street clothes, we all street n*ggaz

We on the dance floor, throwin bows, beatin up n*ggaz

I`m from the DEC, tryna to disrespect DTP

And watch the bottles start flyin from the VIP

f**k this rap sh*t, we clap b*tch, two in ya body

Grab ya four, start a fight dog, ruin the party

So move b*tch, get out the way HOE

All you faggot motherf**ka`s make way for 2-0




Soundtrack Credits

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Alternative Versions

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Release History

The Ludacris song "Move Bitch" appears on the following releases. The list of releases includes albums, compilations, singles, soundtracks and remix albums.
Disc Track Album Year
1 10 Word Of Mouf 2001
1 2 Saturday (Oooh Oooh!) 2001
1 2 Saturday (Oooh Oooh!) 2001
1 3 The Acapellas You Never Got! - Volume Six 2006
1 24 The Best Of Ludacris 2004
1 25 Menace II Society 2004
1 3 Disturbing The Kings 2006
1 8 Word of Mouf (Clean Version) 2001


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