Cherrybomb (2009)

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Cherrybomb is a drama film released in the United Kingdom in 2009, starring Rupert Grint, James Nesbitt, and Robert Sheehan. Filming began on location in Belfast on 7 July 2008, and lasted four weeks. The film includes nudity, drinking, drugs, shop-lifting and car theft. It was released to DVD on 23 August 2010 in the UK. It is currently awaiting release in the US.

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  • Cherrybomb
  • Cherrybomb
  • Cherrybomb
  • Cherrybomb
  • Cherrybomb


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Greer Ellison

Paul Garret

Paul Kennedy

Kat Kirk

Conor MacNeill


Niamh Quinn

Lalor Roddy


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List of Cherrybomb quotes.

Luke: I am so gunna fuck her.
Malachy: Not if I get there first, you're not.

Malachy: I freaking hate you sometimes.
Luke: Yeah? Well get in the queue sunshine; I hate me all the time.

Luke: (In response to Malachy's steamy afternoon at Michelle's house) So come on man paint me the picture here what's she like, is she dirty? I bet she's dirty, is she dirty?
Malachy: Man I can't do that, no kiss and tell.
Luke: Come on man I tell you everything. I told you the time Kelly Shiels stuck the finger up my arse.
Malachy: Yes and I did not wish to know that.


Trailer for the movie Cherrybomb.
Cherrybomb (2009) - Official Movie Trailer

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